Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Red and White Sun Hat is in "Stylish Fashion Accessories" Handmade Great Finds This Week

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Hand-Crocheted Sun Hat in Red and White by RSS Designs In Fiber

Are you "On Fire For Handmade"?

Well, then the "On Fire for Handmade" website - and its weekly event, "Great Finds" might be for you!
Anne Hopfer of "On Fire For Handmade" has been doing this weekly event for a while - showing what is available in HANDMADE in different themes - Colors Themes or Holiday Themes or Seasonal Themes - it is a lot of fun for those of us who like, admire and do HANDMADE!  
You can VOTE for whichever one you like in each event - each day.

This week starting May 18th 2015 - this is the Great Finds:
Stylish Fashions and Accessoires
- and the Red and White Sun Hat that I made, pictured at the top, is in this
"Stylish Fashion Accessories" Great Finds - with only Handmade in it!!

Take a look at "Stylish Fashion Accessories" Great Finds - VOTE ... and VOTE .... and you can VOTE each day!!

Enjoy, Celebrate - Spread The News about HANDMADE!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

With My Lifelong Love of Nature - Every Day Is Earth Day

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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My "Avatar" or Identifying Icon - A Crochet Tapestry of Nature on Earth!

So-o-o .............. It's Earth Day!!

Well, I'll tell you - it sure is glad to see that there is Worldwide acknowledgement of the need for support of an "environmental movement" on our planet!

But for me - well!  It is ALWAYS ON MY MIND!!

Yes - we need to take care of our environment - to learn to take it into consideration in all our daily activities - at Home, at Work, at Play.

I LOVE the Nature on this planet - from Pets and Plants at Home - to Trees everywhere - to Mountains, Valleys, Seas, Lakes, Rivers, Fields ..... !

One of the reasons I chose the place I live right now is that I can walk outside and Be In Nature - all I have to do is walk out, walk off the porch and starting walking around under Trees and by Bushes, watch the Birds (lots of Ravens live here) - not as great as being in Wilderness - but good enough for "instant Nature"!

I try to live "Green" - Green Commute, Green Economy, Conservation of Water, Energy - Recycling, Re-using - it is a way of LIFE for me!

And I show it in my Arts and Crafts - Photography, Crochet Tapestry, Filet Crochet, Knitting Intarsia -- and here are a few examples of how I Celebrate Nature on Earth!!!

From Giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada .......

....To the Bird Feeder with Birds in a Tree outside an apartment I lived in .....

...... to a Scene on a back road in the Santa Monica Mountains ......

.... to fields I walked through in the Antelope Valley!!

..... to making a "Tree Tapestry" Pillow - every stitch my own .....

.... to crocheting in Fine Threads the type of Mountain Cabin scene I love ......

.... to figuring out how to crochet a Bouquet in a Vase, so it looked like the Cabbage Roses I saw on a Walk!!

To a little thing like this Key Chain with Irish Crochet Roses and Leaves!

Well, I have the Nature on Earth Every Day in my life, because I want to - and I share it with others!  Do You???

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Purple and Black Beaded Crocheted Flower in "Passionate For Purple" by On Fire For Handmade

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Purple Threads - with Black - and Purple Seed Beads - make this Handmade Multi-Layer Crocheted "Rose" or "Flower"!

On Fire For Handmade decided to do a "Passionate For Purple" Great Finds!!

Well, that is why I crocheted this Purple and Black "Flower" in the photo above - because someone passionate for Purple wanted to see one of these crocheted Flowers in Purple and Black!!

And I guess because of it's "Purple-ness" is why it got put in that Great Finds by On Fire For Handmade!

This Great Finds is running through Sunday night, April 26th - you can VOTE EACH DAY for a favorite.

Are you "Passionate For Purple" - in Decor? - in Jewelry? - in Clothing? - in Accessories?

Then Have a look at the HANDMADE Goodies in this Great Finds !

And if you like my Purple (and Black) Crocheted Flower with Beads - well,  VOTE for it!!  (You can Vote each day!)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Showing Feelings For Mother - Mother's Day - We All Have Different Ways

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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 I believe that all of us have different ways of showing our feelings - positive or negative - even though life has its rocky periods, I was fortunate in my life in having wonderful experiences and times with the Mothers in my life.   This is a studio photograph taken when I was 18 months old with my Mother Judy who I have dear, dear memories of - and wrote about here: 

Here is a Photo (on the right) taken by my Father with Me, My Second Mother, Margret - and Her Mother, Bertha - when we were out driving somewhere (before my 2 brothers were born).

When we celebrated Mother's Day - I, who loved doing Handmade - either made Gifts and Cards (my family saved them LOL) - or found Gifts personally chosen for them and also either made a Card - or, my gosh - especially after I was working, bought one.

But each Mother's Day - thought and care went into whatever we did - and the gifts and cards - for each individual person.

So-o-o, of course, I imagine that everyone else puts thought and care into whatever they do - or buy - for Mother's Day.  For most people, Mothers are special in our imperfect world - at least I hope so!

I have joined up with a group of "Indie Sellers" for this Blog Hop - Gifts For Mothers 2015 - most of who make the items they sell themselves (Handmade) - or have found some special Vintage or Antique items to sell.  What we do is Cross Promote - in other words, we all promote each other - and I feel fortunate that these are Sellers I can trust for quality - and some rather distinctive items!!  Just ideas - but maybe someone in some Mothers' lives will find something especially right for one of the Mothers in their life!

-- Or maybe they will inspire someone to make something themself??????

I'm doing a Pinterest Board to show them off, as well as having it currently on my blog - and here is a taste of what is in this Pinterest Board:

Follow Ruth Sandra Sperling's board For Mothers!! - 2015 on Pinterest.

I hope you all find wonderful ways to share with the Mothers in your life!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crocheted Lace and Crochet Tapestry For Spring

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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A-h-h-h - after whatever weather you had this 2015 Winter - how beautiful and welcome is the Nature on Spring Days!  ~~~~~~ So, when I Crochet or Knit, I'm still choosing themes for the Seasons, and Spring is one of my favorites!  ~~~~~ Here are some of my Artistic Handmade Spring-themed pieces - Flowers, Rabbit, Clover, .......................

Pink Tulip Lace Ring
Thread Crochet Tapestry - Tree and Bird

3-Leaf Clovers with Yellow Flowers Lace Doily

3-Leaf Clovers Crocheted Oval - Bruges Lace

Yellow Flowers In Green Lace with Gold Beads

Cottontail Rabbit Hiding Under A Bush - Handmade in Filet Crochet

California Poppy In The Sky - Crochet Tapestery(donated to and available through the Antelope Valley Conservancy)

Roses and Shamrocks - Cottage Style Irish Crochet Doily

3D Rose with Green Leaves - Crocheted Lace Motif - Set of 2

Lily! - Ornate Vintage Style Design in Filet Crochet

Pansies - A Delicate Fine Thread Crochet Doily

Matching Viola Flower Doily and Coaster Set
Viola Bouquet Doily (top)
Viola Flower Oval Trinket Doilies - Set of 4 (bottom)

 Please Note:  If you prefer making Private Arrangements to purchase any of my Handmade or Request a Custom Order - Contact RSS Designs In Fiber through the Email Address HERE.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Top 10 Parks - The Ones That Really Made A Difference In My Life - Part One

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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My Crocheted Tree Tapestry - Inspired By All The Hours and Days I've Spent With Trees

Spending time with Social Media - all kinds of comments pass before my eyes when I am on the computer, but when I saw The Wilderness Society tweet --

'If you put together a "top ten national parks list", what would make the cut?'
-- it caught my eye, because going to Parks and Forests all my life has had such an affect on my life that I cannot really measure it - it helped make me who I am.

So, I thought about it - and I decided to come up with my Top 10, but they cannot all be "National Parks" - because some of the most influential parks for me personally weren't those!

It all really started the summer when I was either 5 or 6 years old and our Summer Day Camp in Chicago, IL went for a hike in a local Forest Preserve of Cook County.  I have never forgotten it because for some reason it made a huge impression on me and I have Loved Forests ever since that time!! ---- I can still remember being this small, little girl with all these other kids and the Camp Counselor who was leading us down this trail - showing us different plants - including the lesson I have never forgotten about: Poison Ivy and how to recognize it to avoid it (and I have never in my life missed recognizing Poison Ivy so I didn't get the rash LOL)!

But my Top 10 reflect certain times in my life.  I am going to list them chronologically for me - as my life went along. This blog post will cover the first 3 of the 10 in the years before I went to the Western United States.

Ontonagon, Upper Peninsula of Michigan
I was a teenager and my family would go there for summer vacations - it was where on a family hike I had the experience of seeing Bear Cubs wild in the Forest - and then there was one August we could see the Northern Lights one night on a Lake Superior Beach somewhere around Ontonagon and Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (southern part of the Keweenaw Peninsula of the Upper Peninsula of the State of Michigan). -- More unforgettable moments!

I was in College at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign when I went to some kind of orientation at "Allerton" where I was immediately impressed with the place - but it was some distance from the campus in the twin cities of Urbana-Champaign and it was some months before I got to go there a second time and just wander.  -----------------Over the years from early 1971 until I moved away (to the St. Louis, MO area), I found ways to go there and explore all areas of what to me was at that time in my life a wonderous place to go walking as shown on this Map  - over on the more "Formal Side" as I think of it, you see Works of Art literally out in the forest:  Beautiful Sculptures such as The Centaur and The Sun Singer - then Adam, The Three Graces and The Girl are more right in the Formal Gardens - and then there is the Avenue of the Chinese Musicians playing all kinds of instruments, which I just loved; and the Walk to the "House of the Golden Buddhas" then over to the Fu Dog Garden - and then down a path to the Goldfish Pond (sort of in the woods) - you just have to go there to know how it is with the Artwork and the woods!!  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------But it was the other side of the Sangamon River - what I call the wild side - that I loved the "Green World" of that Illinois Plains Forest - I would spend hours walking around country roads to get over in there and walk around the paths!  I was very lucky to have a friend who bought a 40 acre farm bordering Allerton's "wild side" - for years I would be visiting there and accessing the paths of Allerton's forest from that farm!  This was my first experiences of hiking in real forest for more than just a short vacation and over and over down the same paths - sometimes alone - seeing all kinds of plants and wildlife: Raccoons and Snakes and Flowers such as "Jacks-in-the-Pulpit" - and, of course, the birds!  Such fun it was for me - and in many ways enlightening.  It was years later I learned that only a small portion of that "Wild Green World" was native, virgin forest - the other hundreds of acres of it were forest naturally regenerated through the work of Biologists from the University of Illinois Biology Dept.!

Southern Illinois
Going to the Shawnee National Forest was my second series of more adult experiences out in wild forest - hiking down paths in real forest.  This was done on weekends when I could go with a friend when I was living and working in St. Louis, MO.  Across the Mississippi River from St. Louis on the southern tip of Illinois, it was a lot of fun to go over there - especially when one of the ways going across the river, we took a ferry across the Mississippi!  Driving down country roads was a favorite pass-time of me and a friend - we did some in Missouri, but it was the hiking in the Shawnee National Forest that was the "wildest" and I appreciated the most - and I remember driving down a road and stopping because of a Turtle sunbathing in the middle of the road!!  Yes - we stopped for Wildlife!!

Well - this is it for now - To Be Continued .... the Top 10 Parks of my Life!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Newest Irish Crochet Lace Heart - In Marsala Reds!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Irish Crochet Lace Heart in Marsala Reds

This time I made this "Irish Crochet Lace" Heart with all lustrous DMC Pearl Cotton Threads - with the main color theme being what is being called this year "Marsala" (Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year).

I have had DMC Pearl Cottons in this deep Earthy Wine Red for years and years - I believe DMC named it "Dark Garnet Red" at one time, but when I saw what "Marsala" was, I knew it was that color, which I love!!

For the 3 Multi-layer Irish Crochet Roses inside the Heart, I used a Variegated or Shaded Thread in the same color family - with Marsala Red the darkest and Baby Pink as the lightest in that Shaded Thread.

I did my best, when I photographed it to capture the luster or sheen of the DMC Pearl Cotton Thread - all of their Pearl Cotton Threads have this special "glow" to them - I understand from their description that this comes from the way it is made and twisted in France.  I just love this DMC Pearl Cotton Thread - in all sizes and colors!!

This Deep Red, "Marsala" is an indication of deep Love or Friendship - it seems to me it would make a great gift for any occasion or holiday about Love or Friendship!

I have been crocheting all kinds of things with Hearts since I started crocheting in Thread - 2003 - below is a You Tube video I did:
  "My Hearts by RSS Designs In Fiber"

-- and here is my current Pinterest Board, "Hearts in Fiber Arts I Made"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Drawing A Picture with Crochet - This Time It's Fantasy Art - A White Dragon!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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The White Dragon - Fantasy Art - Filet Crochet Art Decor - Fiber Art
The White Dragon - Fantasy Art - Filet Crochet Art Decor

Yes - you can DRAW WITH CROCHET!

The technique used for this "Crochet Drawing" is Filet Crochet.

I kept the Edging of "The White Dragon in Filet Crochet" simple with a rectangular shape.  It is 14 Inches wide and 18 Inches High - it could be framed against a dark background to bring out the Image of the Dragon - with a mesh background and border.

Filet Crochet is a crochet stitch design involving blocks and mesh - some of the mesh is just square/rectangular empty blocks - and some of the mesh is more complicated with "lacet stitches", which is what is used for the mesh background around the Image of the Dragon in this, "The White Dragon".

Though I got the pattern from one of Elizabeth Hiddleson's Original Books of her Crochet Designs, Volume 29 - my real inspiration is from one of Anne McCaffrey's book on the "Dragonriders of Pern":   "The White Dragon"!  Reading Anne McCaffrey's books about the Dragonriders of Pern, I discovered a love for Dragons - and their smaller cousins, "Fire Lizards" (actually small dragons)!

It was fun to make - though rather complicated!!

I've used Filet Crochet to "draw" a few other pictures - some my own design, some others' patterns - here are pictures of a few of them:

Cottontail Rabbit In A Bush - Filet Crochet Textured Mat with Wildlife
Cottontail Rabbit In A Bush - Filet Crochet Image of Wildlife